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I have attended two quarterly events hosted by NECIC.  The consistent theme in both events was the ability to network with like minded Lean practitioners who are in the trenches and have battle scars and successes to show for their deep, unwavering commitment to Lean.  I definitely see the benefit of networking, tours, workshops for myself and hope others I interact with leave with positive takeaways as well.   If you are in the local New England region, consider attending one of the events and sharing your experiences and advice with others.  You might be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact you will make and the takeaways you have for yourself.  ~ Hemant Ajbani, PE - COO, DiPrete Engineering 


This was my first formal continuous improvement workshop and it did not disappoint. The best part of the event was the interactive portions of the training. Having an open forum to brainstorm and collaborate with individuals from different organizations, with various responsibilities, all passionate about how to build a culture of continuous improvement, is truly what I enjoyed the most. I will definitely attend future events and would strongly encourage all levels of professionals to attend these workshops. I look forward to seeing you at the next event. ~ Melissa Bouchard - Director of Continuous Improvement, Carousel Industries

I recommend NECIC to others both for networking opportunity and for seeing excellence first hand.  It is a very practical and inexpensive way to generate new ideas. ~ David Spencer - Owner/CEO, Atlantic Paper & Supply Company

The NECIC events provide intellectually stimulating insights, as well as real-world best-in-class examples of taking theory into practice. ~ Howie King - Manufacturing Manager, Magnetic Seal Corporation

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